Stop updating an old computer software

It is true that we update any more security and stability of the Windows operating system as my programs installed, or an old PC / LAPTOP and even Mobile Phone, their resources will be degraded over time. The most part of gents pence change to a new computer.
Tip: you use your pc's puisiez have slowed born disturbance process as follows:

 Do not install the latest updates to Windows, but the most important.

 Do not install the latest versions of the software (using previous versions for the following programs: WinRAR v3, v7 AdobReader, Firefox v3, Office v2003 and complement to Office 2007 can open and edit documents created on another machine by Microsoft Office 2007)

Note: Regarding the Antivirus must be a day time to receive a Security maxims against all viruses and malicious software.

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