The most useful commands


. Deleted a directory Rd
. Ren rename one or more files
. Arbreascence Tree graphically represents a drive or path
. Chkdsk checks a disk and displays a status statement
. Volumes convert Convert FAT NTFS volume
. Del deleted one or more files

. Exit exits the command interpreter
. Format to format a disk for use with Windows
. Moves Move one or more files to another tank or
. Printed a Print text files
. Recouver recovered readable information from a bad disk
. Ver displays the version number of windows
. Flight displays the name and the serial number of the volume
. Copy copies one or more files
. Xcopy copy files and directories arbrescences
. Cd. Back back
. Cd Windows displays the folder or existing répertoir
. Billion (name) a new shout répertoir
. D: drive change
. Displays Help information about commands windows
. C: \> cd \ return directly to the root

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