Elevator skyscrapers a kilometer high

Elevator skyscrapers

Lifts capable of mounting more than one kilometer. This is what has just introduced a Finnish manufacturer. So far the maximum technically feasible for a lift heights are "only" one might say 500 meters. Presentation from the sky londonnien this technological feat. Ali May, Euronews "What is innovation today?


That show up "Johannes de Jong heads the technology department at Kone:" There is a new type of cable that is much lighter than conventional cables but much stronger. With this cable you can reduce weight by 95%, there is only 5% of its weight and it must be remembered that the weight of the cable is 60% of the total weight of the elevator. "Ali May: "What is it? what is the matter, what is the difference between a conventional cable and this one? ". Johannes de Jong: "Conventional cables are made ​​with high strength steel. This cable is made ​​of carbon fiber with a coating resistant to strong friction. "Worldwide twenty buildings over 500 meters high, much higher than the Shard in London, are under construction or about to be. Ali May: "The fascination for brands building is old, just think of the Giza Pyramids 4000 years ago. The technology allows to build much more in height. We only have to wait to see the impact of this innovation on the future of skyscrapers

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