Google recently unveiled TV WIFI Chromecast


Google recently unveiled Chromecast, HDMI dongle that allows you to use content "released" from your mobile device or computer to your TV on a Wi-Fi network some time ago, it was reported that the dongle does not support public Wi-Fi networks, which means that you could not use a wireless connection in a
hotel, certainly a big inconvenience for travelers. Here means that the dongle $ 35 Google does not support live streams from YouTube.

AndroidPolice reports that for now the live stream YouTube support is not present on Chromecast. Google also said this on a support page, but it did not give the reason Chromecast can not support live streams from YouTube. In addition, YouTube videos that are set to "private" or deactivated for mobile viewing can not be read via the dongle. It is always possible to work around this by accessing the live stream on their PC desktop or laptop PC via the Chrome browser, then "broadcast" to Chromecast, in this case, apparently, only a few dropped frames and audio are sent to TV. Despite these inconveniences, it seems that there is a genuine interest in the dongle Google. The company sold all of its stock on the day of its initial launch.

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