Ma-Configuration is compatible with Internet Explorer 8.1 and Windows 11

Ma-Configuration mes Driver

The new version of the plug-in Ma-Config stamped, has a significant lot of improvements and optimizations. Despite a number that suggests a minor update, it now officially supports Windows 8.1.
This is particularly the case with Internet Explorer 11, the protected mode improved, now enabled by default, held in check the previous version. Moreover, with the exception of Windows RT, the plug-in can be called from the Modern UI part of the browser.

Other changes have occurred in the plug-in, as well as server side. For example, the configuration information is sent as an XML file, which represents Charon as a fourfold the amount of data. On the server, these settings are now stored in a central SQL Server database.

Comme d'habitude, le service reste gratuit et la dernière version du plug-in peut être récupérée sur le site

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